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Enjoy this collection of sad quotes, they are deep thoughts on sadness and what makes us truly sad. I hope you will find a use for them in whatever situation might require quotes of remorse or sadness.
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" Years ago a person, he was unhappy, didn't know what to do with himself-he'd go to church, start a revolution-something. Today you're unhappy? Can't figure it out? What is the salvation? Go shopping. "

- Arthur Miller

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Welcome to Sad Quotes on September 3, 2015

Can there exist any goodness in sadness? I would say that there can. Even in sad moments there can always be a lingering feeling of good.

Especially when the sadness comes from good choices, as hard as they might be. This website is dedicated to sad quotes. It is my personal collection of sad quotes.

Please look over the sad quotes and then feel free to submit any of your own.